You Get What You Vote For

Recent events have hammered home the importance of really knowing who you’re voting for.

Maybe you want a county judge who thinks the president is going to enable the United Nations to invade our country.

Maybe you want a US Congressman aspiring to be US Senator who thinks women have a magic way to turn-off their reproductive system after being raped.

Or maybe you want a married US Congressman to use Twitter to engage in racy exchanges with young women. Continue reading

Street Interviews Reveal Voters Need Help & Access to Easy Information

Are American voters uninformed, misinformed or just uninterested?

We went to the street to find out.  According to our new video, “Are You Ballot Ready?,” voters seemed to be all three.

The on-the-street voter interviews suggest that American citizens need help preparing to vote; and also signal that political campaigns and organizations have an opportunity to better communicate their messages.  One voter summed up the challenge: “There’s a lot floating out there – it’s just hard to put it all together.”

Can Voters Even Find You?

Sadly, most voters lack some very basic information, and it’s not their fault!

Don’t believe us?  Take your own informal poll and ask questions such as:

• Who’s your state senator?

• What congressional district are you in?

• Do you have enough information to make a good voting decision?

• Where can you go to get this type of information? Continue reading