Hey Ohio – Guess Who’s Running for Office?

For the first time ever, Ohio voters can comparison shop for their congressional candidates via a new, easy-to-use, innovative website.  PolitiView features candidates from all sixteen congressional races, as well as Ohio’s US Senate campaign.

Hawaii Senate Race Features New Voter Communications – Linglevision

By Susan Nightingale – President & Founder, PolitiView

Source: Linda Lingle Facebook

Linda Lingle, Republican senatorial candidate for Hawaii, has taken to the television airwaves to promote her candidacy.

Seemingly unremarkable until you learn that she has created an entire cable channel that is all-Lingle-all-the-time. As The New York Times reported, “it will provide viewers with a feast of Lingle speeches, Lingle advertisements and Lingle endorsements, as well as video issue papers, televised forums and testimonials delivered in 10 of the languages spoken on these islands.”

Called LL12, the channel has a choice spot on Hawaii’s cable dial, coming after Fox News and before CNN Headline News. The channel will reach 245,000 homes and is comparatively inexpensive, costing the campaign $2,500 a week. This first in the nation strategy represents a larger drive by candidates to push through the information clutter and grab the attention of the voter. Continue reading

Hey Veterans, We’ve Got Your 6 Too

Logo: Got Your 6 and PRNewswire

Have you heard about the pro-military veterans initiative, Got Your 6?

“More than one million military service members will reenter civilian life over the next five years. In order to best inspire these individuals to success, the campaign works to ensure that they return home as civic assets and leaders who will reinvigorate our communities. Got Your 6 focuses on the activation of the American public through six key pillars of veteran reintegration: jobs, education, health, housing, family, and leadership.”

At PoliltiView.com, we’re doing our part.  Military veterans interested in running for public office, who have not been previously elected, are eligible for a free six-month subscription to PolitiView.com. Continue reading

Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) and Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker (D) collaborated on this video for the New Jersey Press Association Legislative Correspondents Club Show.

For non-residents and those unfamiliar with the exploits of Mayor Booker, just know that he’s become well-known (especially on Twitter) for his hands-on approach to, well, everything, including helping residents dig out their cars after a snow storm and, most recently, rescuing and probably saving the life of a neighbor in a burning building.

As for the Governor, no introduction is necessary.  He’s done quite well, thank you, building the Christie brand.

With that, enjoy the video.  While there are a few bits that NJ politicos will get and appreciate, this should be fun viewing for all.

By the way, Christie and Booker seem to have forged some common ground to work together off-screen as well.  We wonder:  what about the rest of our politicians?

Make Your Own Political Video

Maybe you’ve dreamed of being a political pundit?

If so, here’s your big chance.  We’d love to hear what’s on your mind.

Today’s question is:

What is the #1 issue affecting your vote this political season?

Watch the video below and learn how to tell us.  It’s easy.  Selected videos will be posted on PolitiView.com.

Street Interviews Reveal Voters Need Help & Access to Easy Information

Are American voters uninformed, misinformed or just uninterested?

We went to the street to find out.  According to our new video, “Are You Ballot Ready?,” voters seemed to be all three.

The on-the-street voter interviews suggest that American citizens need help preparing to vote; and also signal that political campaigns and organizations have an opportunity to better communicate their messages.  One voter summed up the challenge: “There’s a lot floating out there – it’s just hard to put it all together.”