Hawaii Senate Race Features New Voter Communications – Linglevision

By Susan Nightingale – President & Founder, PolitiView

Source: Linda Lingle Facebook

Linda Lingle, Republican senatorial candidate for Hawaii, has taken to the television airwaves to promote her candidacy.

Seemingly unremarkable until you learn that she has created an entire cable channel that is all-Lingle-all-the-time. As The New York Times reported, “it will provide viewers with a feast of Lingle speeches, Lingle advertisements and Lingle endorsements, as well as video issue papers, televised forums and testimonials delivered in 10 of the languages spoken on these islands.”

Called LL12, the channel has a choice spot on Hawaii’s cable dial, coming after Fox News and before CNN Headline News. The channel will reach 245,000 homes and is comparatively inexpensive, costing the campaign $2,500 a week. This first in the nation strategy represents a larger drive by candidates to push through the information clutter and grab the attention of the voter.

Ms. Lingle, a two-term governor, makes a key observation when she said “I thought this would be more convenient for citizens, for voters. Rather than them having to come to us, we would go to them.”

PolitiView.com is based entirely on this concept. Available 24 hours a day, anywhere the Internet can be accessed, voters can see and hear directly from all the candidates in a political race. Our mission and our tagline is this: At PolitiView.com, we bring the campaign to you! We provide innovative, easy and fun comparative shopping tools to help citizens choose the best possible candidate for public office.

To Ms. Lingle we say welcome aboard.  Finally there are new ideas and technologies that recognize the most important player in any political drama — you the voter.

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