The Communication of Ideas

True story.  A Democratic candidate walked into a Tea Party event in New Jersey recently.  Here’s what happened:

“At a meeting of the Morris Patriots, held in the Morris County library, I was the lone Democratic freeholder candidate at a panel set up for the purpose of the group meeting any candidate who wished to and was able to attend. I enjoyed it, and I was grateful for it.

 As my first experience in such a setting, with a question-and-answer session and introduction of one’s self, I really liked what I have known myself to like — communication about ideas I find important [emphasis added].  I want to make this letter relevant to “readers” of the Daily Record so my sharing is this — no matter what a person might believe, they believe about the direction of government, taking an interest in itself can be a fruitful endeavor. The noble concept of the Framers — a government of the people — is exciting, pure and simple.

I also still believe that we truly have more in common than we might conclude at first blush. This too was encouraging.

So, thank you Morris County, and may we, as a nation, recognize that the “grand experiment” has every potential to lead us all to greater opportunity and to lead the world by good example.”

Joy Singh – Candidate for Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders – New Jersey.  Letter to the Editor published in the Daily Record (Morristown, NJ – May 10, 2012).

Here at PolitiView, we’re totally nonpartisan, so sharing Singh’s letter to the editor is in no way an endorsement.

Rather, Singh’s letter reminds us about the reason we created  Our goal is to provide a powerful platform for candidates and other political groups to communicate their ideas and engage with voters and supporters.

As we like to say:  Make your case on  And may the best candidate win.

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