It’s About the Web Presence, Not Just the Website

“Your website is just one place where consumers can learn about your business, while your Web presence is the collection of all the places across the Web where they find and engage your business.”

Todd Ebert of ReachLocal – a digital media and Web marketing strategy consultant

Here are four tips from Mr. Ebert to enhance your Web presence ( – January/February 2012):

1.  Reach across multiple sites.  This includes any Web “property” where you can own a listing or account under your business name, like your own website plus third-party websites that you can create content on (Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, etc.)

2.  Create multimedia content.  A lot of content is text, but video and pictures bring your business to life with dynamic, engaging personality that customers want to see.

3.  Keep content fresh.  You need a stream of fresh content pushed out frequently because search engines (and your customers) love real-time updates.

4.  Monitor your reputation online as well as your online reputation.  Your content gives customers something to talk about, but the conversation doesn’t stop there. People online are saying stuff about you—without you—so it’s up to you to listen and respond carefully to protect and improve your online reputation.

And finally, we wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Ebert’s main point:

“The more places your business is seen online, the more chances you have of being discovered.  To put it plainly, more content across more places equals more customers, period.”

In the world of political marketing, this means more voters and more issue supporters.

Watch our 2-minute video to learn how can help increase your Web presence and optimize your campaign’s or issue group’s marketing communications effectiveness.

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