How to Run for Political Office – Without Writing a Check to Your Opponent!

Photo: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Rabbi Shmuley for Congress Facebook.

Did you hear about the congressional candidate who invited his opponent to dinner and donated to his campaign?

No joke.  That would be Rabbi Shmuley Boteach running in New Jersey’s 9th district.

How about the candidate who legally changed his name to his campaign website URL to get the media to pay attention?

True again.  Eddie Gonzalez, now voteforeddiecom, garnered lots of attention for his race in Florida’s 25th district.

But let’s talk about all the candidates you definitely have not heard about.  These are the unknown candidates running for office at every level across our fifty states, most with barely the longest shot at victory, who do so anyway because they think they can make a difference for their community and country.

Perhaps lost in the debate over Super PACs is a deeper and more profound discussion point.  Is the average citizen now blocked from and doomed to have any real chance at gaining public office?

Susan Nightingale hopes the answer is no.  She is the founder and president of PolitiView, the Web’s first video marketplace and comparison shopping site for politics.  The Web 2.0 marketing communications platform was envisioned and built to be a tool that levels the playing field by creating an easy way for candidates to meaningfully engage citizens so they can make a more informed voting decision.

Then again, maybe funding your opponent’s campaign will really catch on!

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