Hey Voters. Unhappy? It’s Up to You to Make a Difference!

Unemployed circus clown Tim Torkildson, a.k.a. Dusty the Clown, sits on a bench on the north side of the Capitol building holding a sign May 16, 2012. Photo: http://www.congress.org

Americans’ approval of Congress is at 17% in June, per the latest Gallup poll.

In fact, “Congressional job approval has generally been low for years, with readings as low as 18% in the summer of 2007 and 14% in July 2008.”

Graphic: Gallup, Inc.

Said another way, this month, 83% of Americans think Congress is doing a lousy job.  So what now?

Wake up voters!  If you’re not happy, get involved and make a difference.  Learn about candidates for office at all levels and make an informed decision.  New tools, such as PolitiView.com, make it easier than ever to learn, compare and decide about candidates.

It’s simple, but true.  Making a difference starts with you – today!

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